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In 2009, Fibercan was established by Mr Cidic Li in Shenzhen China. After 13 year’s great focus on fiber optic products, we grow to a company with more than 800 employees. 

In 2019, we built our own 30000㎡ Industrial park in Huizhou,Guangdong Province. All our 800+ people in 5 departments move to this new city with our new ambition on market,big idea on products and new dream on life.

Mr Cidic Li says:”A progress ahead makes a greater self, so do not lie on the achievement in the past”. We will keep the perfect service to s who have been supporting us. We will keep the great focus on products itself what have been nurturing us and we will keep growing with our suppliers who have been relying on us.

Let’s win-win together.

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· Full Range Products

Huge range products option & Fast innovation on new products

· Customized Service

Professional sales and R&D team & Fast action in different departments inside

· On-time Delivery

Perfect manufacturing capacity & Scientific integrated upstream and downstream product chain to form a joint force

· Quality Assurance

Full knowledge of industrial standard & Excellent manufacturing workmanship control




What you have to know about fiber optic adapters!

Discover the key facts about fiber optic adapters, crucial components for efficient and reliable optical network connections.

06 12 ,2024

Precision and Performance: Fibercan's Pre-terminated LC and SC Ferrule Units Unveiled

Discover Fibercan's pre-terminated LC and SC ferrule units, engineered for precision and superior performance in fiber optics.

06 06 ,2024

Elevate Your Fiber Optic Network: Flangeless LC Duplex Adaptors with Shutter – Secure and Seamless C

Secure and seamless connectivity with flangeless LC duplex adaptors. Elevate your fiber optic network with confidence!

05 29 ,2024

Upgrade Your Fiber Optic Connectivity with Flangeless LC Quad Adaptors from Fibercan – Streamlined a

Enhance your network with flangeless LC quad adaptors from Fibercan. Streamlined and efficient solutions for seamless connectivity!

05 29 ,2024

Elevate Your Network Efficiency: LC Quad Fiber Optic Adaptor Flangeless with Shutter - Seamless Conn

Optimize your network efficiency with Fibercan's LC Quad Fiber Optic Adaptor, featuring flangeless design and shutter.

05 21 ,2024

Seamless Connections, Simplified: LC Simplex Fiber Optic Adaptor by Fibercan - Elevating Your Networ

Simplify your network connectivity with Fibercan's LC Simplex Fiber Optic Adaptor, ensuring seamless connections.

05 21 ,2024

Seamless Integration: LC Duplex Fiber Optic Adaptor RJ45 Type - Elevate Your Network Connectivity!

Seamlessly integrate your network with LC Duplex Fiber Optic Adaptor RJ45 Type, enhancing connectivity for efficient operations!

05 15 ,2024

Streamlined Connectivity Solutions: LC Duplex Fiber Optic Adaptor Keystone Type - Simplifying Your N

Streamline your network with LC Duplex Fiber Optic Adaptor Keystone Type, simplifying connectivity solutions for efficient networking!

05 15 ,2024

Ensure Secure Connections: Fibercan's LC Duplex Fiber Optic Adaptor With Flange and Metal Shutter!

Ensure secure connections with Fibercan's LC duplex fiber optic adaptor. Flange and metal shutter provide added protection.

05 10 ,2024

Enhanced Connectivity: Fibercan's LC Metal Fiber Optic Adaptor With Flange for Secure Networking!

Upgrade your networking with Fibercan's LC metal fiber optic adaptor. Flange design ensures secure and reliable connectivity.

05 10 ,2024

Secure and Reliable Connectivity: Fibercan's LC Quad Fiber Optic Adaptor With Flange and Metal Shutt

Ensure secure and reliable connectivity with Fibercan's LC Quad Fiber Optic Adaptor. Flange and metal shutter for added protection.

05 10 ,2024

Secure and Reliable Connectivity: Fibercan Manufacturers' SC Duplex Fiber Optic Adaptor Flangeless W

Trust Fibercan's SC duplex fiber optic adaptor with shutter for secure and reliable connectivity, ensuring seamless communication in your network.

04 24 ,2024

Enhance Your Network: Fibercan Manufacturers' SC Metal Fiber Optic Adaptor for Reliable Connectivity

Upgrade your network with Fibercan's SC metal fiber optic adaptor, ensuring reliable connectivity for improved performance.

04 24 ,2024


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